About Me

Hi, my name is Ashley Hanson. I started this blog to share my love for cooking, health, and wellness. I am currently a high school senior and live in San Diego, CA. In the fall I will be attending University of Virginia to study to become a nurse! I have always had an active lifestyle from swimming in the ocean, hiking the beautiful trails of SD, and dancing. Dancing is one my my greatest passions. I find it fascinating how it combines agility and endurance associate with athletics and beauty and grace associate with arts. I love how I can express myself through my movements and lose track of time in the beat of the music. Through being so active I have found food plays a huge role in fueling me throughout the day. I first started cooking mostly to eat a more balanced diet but now it is so much more than just health: I enjoy how coming up with recipes is such an evolved and creative process and the feeling of accomplishment that comes when making something superb. There are so many different components to food such as the way it allows us to connect with others, serve as fuel, and provide joy and comfort. I truly believe diet has such a profound impact on both physical and emotional health and I hope I am able to inspire others to love cooking and taking care of themselves!

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