• Orange Cauliflower

    Chinese takeout is one of my favorites and is a go to for me when ever I am not in the mood to cook. If you are craving Chinese food but are in the mood to stay at home and cook this is the perfect recipe for you. The orange cauliflower is packed with flavor… Read more

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast

    This French toast recipe is perfect if you are looking to mix up your breakfast routine. It is packed with flavor and delicious ingredients. If you have a craving a sweet breakfast, this is the perfect meal for you! The jelly is made from just 3 ingredients: raspberries, blueberries, a chia seeds. Pb and J… Read more

  • Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Banana Bread Muffins

    Girl Scout cookie season is always a great time a year! I think only having Girl Scout cookies around for a few months make them extra special and taste even better than if they were available year round. I am a Girl Scout and have tried ever cookie flavor out there, and hands down Samoas… Read more

  • Breakfast Panini

    Breakfast paninis are such a delicious breakfast! Breakfast paninis are a great way to mix up your morning and use up traditional breakfast items you have on hand: bread, eggs, cheese, and veggies! The cheddar cheese makes each bite cheesy and using a panini press makes the bread crispy adding a nice crunch to the… Read more

  • Loaded Thai Cashew Salad

    This salad makes for the perfect lunch or dinner. People often think of salads boring. You can easily add yummy ingredients to spice up your salad and make it more fun and delicious! This salad is filled with veggies, fats, and carbohydrates to make an amazing and satisfying meal. The avocado adds texture to the… Read more

  • Taco Pasta

    This meal combines the comfort of Italian pasta and Mexican flavors. The salsa adds lots of flavor and spice to the dish and the avocado mixes into the pasta making each bite dreamy and creamy. This meal uses plant based grounds making it perfect for a vegan meal! This recipe makes 1 serving. Ingredients 3/4… Read more

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